Legacy books

The memories and moments you want to relive and share.

Your Legacy  Preserved 

Let us create a beautifully designed and printed legacy book that tells the best parts of your life story, highlighting important photographs, life-changing moments, accomplishments and more. 

A legacy letter book is great for…..

  • Family story,  wisdom and inspirational messages to your loved ones
  • Business Legacy or as a high-end business brochure.
  • Career, accomplishments or a monumental event
  • Companion animal memory book or livestock sales book
  • Home Highlights (for selling or memories)

Legacy letter books are meant to be impactful and short.  They range from 8 to 24 pages and may be completed with minimal effort and ease. 

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We help you tell your story

Elliot Rivers Publishing Co. , a small boutique publisher in Wyoming, will begin to craft your story and message.  You’ll be asked to share important photos as well as inspirational messages for each page of your Legacy Letter Book. We’ll provide you with direction along the way and create your book for you. You don’t have to worry about spending time on a computer or paying high printing prices. 

A Legacy for your loved ones!

Our world is rapidly changing and now, more than ever, it’s important to share your message,  experiences and all the important things you’ve learned with your loved ones. A Legacy Letter Book can help provide you with a simple, fast and beautiful way to do this. 


We make it simple and easy for you!

Elliot Rivers Publishing will help guide the content of each page of your Legacy Letter Book to make it an easy and fast process for you. Ultimately, we will provide you with a beautifully designed and printed one-of-a-kind Legacy Letter Book.


Sample Book

Please flip through the pages of this sample book to see  a 6 x 6 sample Legacy Book. It preserves the memory of a special project, the construction of a labyrinth.

This book is printed as a “lay flat” high quality, all color book with a hard-bound cover.